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Because we have been talking about democracy, I thought it might be interesting to post so far what our current candidates for the President of the United States have spent so far on their campaigns. Hilary Clinton has spent $ 80, 353, 785.00. Barack Obama has spent $85,176,289.00. Mitt Romney  spent $87,644,955.00 on his campaign before he decided to suspend his campaign. John McCain has spent $39,145,649.00. So where exactly is all this money coming from? This money is coming from corporations interested in putting their economic and political agendas at the top of the list by “donating” large sums of money to candidates desperate for cash. Just as an example, Robert Zoellick, who happens to be the President of the World Bank has contributed $2,300.00 so far in John McCain’s campaign. Now, that is not to point any fingers at John McCain. I just think it is important to show how people in high places like Mr. Zoellick use their money to make sure they keep their power.



  1. How much did Zoellick contribute to Mc Cain’s campaign? $2,300 bucks is not that much in a multi- million dollar campaign.

    Do all the the candidates get money from lobbyist or corporations or are there some who fund their own campaigns with private funding?

    How do presidential campaigns get funded in other countries? Do they limit campaign spending?

    This seems like a great topic for your blog and one of the ways we really need to change politics in America. Keep it up.

  2. Great blog Andrea.
    keep it up.

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