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       I would just like to start out by saying that I have no harsh feelings towards the Bush administration. I just would like to get my point across how big businesses pursue their economic and political agendas by “donating” large sums of money towards political officials running for office.

With that said, in the first book we read in this class, Unsustainable, Patrick Hossay discusses campaign contributions President Bush. He begins by saying that a “full 77 per cent of the campaign contributions from major plluters went to Republican candidates or to party committees in the 2000 election. After providing $3 million in campaign support, the mining industry enjoyed the elimination of major environmental controls on coal and hardrock mining. After contributing about the same amount, the timber industry enjoyed new policies that encourage deep logging in national forests. After donating over $18 million to the Bush campaign and party, chemical manufacturers benefited freom a policy change that required taxpayers, not polluting industries, to pay for the cleanup of hazardous waste sites. After receiving a donation of $17 million from the oil and gas industry, the Bush administration opened up environmentally fragile areas in and around national monuments and parks to oil and gas drilling.

He goes on, but I will spare you. My point is, the United States’ political officials are not held accountable when they bend the rules for friends and allies who give them large sums of money. Our country must do something about the amount of money we allow to be donated or contributed to elections.


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