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    In an article titled, “The Paradox of American Corporate Lobbying” the author discusses the American auto industry is blaming our country’s financial struggles on rising costs of health insurance and pensions. However, the author, who remains anonymous, says that many critics, “argue that much of the problem lies within their lobbying efforts to keep fuel efficiency standards low, rather than opt for more environmentally friendly standards”. In other words, the auto industry is so focused on their benefits rather than our country’s and world’s environment they are willing to donate millions of dollars in campaign contributions in order to pursue their political and economic agendas.

    The article sites that “On average, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which also represents foreign automakers, spent $36 million between 2000 and 2005 on lobbying efforts, while General Motors and Ford spend $43 million and $36 million, respectively, on similar lobbying efforts.” These massive contributions, as we will call it, are given in hopes of avoiding stricter laws and penalties in an attempt to reduce global warming. The sad thing is, our government is allowing these types of corporate lobbying practices to continue.


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