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     When talking about the corruption within the United States, it is often difficult to find striking evidence to point a figure at anyone or organization specifically. However, there have been instances when political officials and instituions have been prosecuted for their “deviant” behaviors. Nevertheless, I do believe more often than not our government chooses to turn their head the other way. Like the old saying goes, “If you can’t see it, it’s not there.” We should be asking for more from our government, starting with accountability.

     In an article by Gerald E. Caiden, “Governance and Anticorruption” he discusses how corruption in our government is inevitable, but inexcusable. He goes on to discuss the fact that in every society there is corruption to a degree, but within our own government it is tolerated much more than it should be. Caiden states it perfectly, “The heart of contemporary global corruption is money or power connected to money interests, which involves the exploitation of the poor, especially by kleptomaniac power elites who monopolize public audiority.” That is exactly what our government is doing right now. Even if they are not directly involved, they are allowing the big businesses of our country to manipulate other countries and institutions around the world!



  1. I do agree that there is some corruption in our government. Though, compared to the rest of the world, wheter modernized or not, we are a relatively uncorrupt nation. In fact,some things that we consider to fall under the umbrella of bribery and corruption in our country are considered to be common practice in other countries. Perhaps our standards are misguided. We are not even allowed to give gifts in this country without being scruitinized by the authorities.

  2. interesting to check out the insights and data comparing the US and the world and in this blog at where posting make the case that the US is not the model for the world and there is room for improvement, yet not that bad either….all with real evidence and analysis

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