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           In USA, there is an article titled “House still allows parties with lobbyists; Critics balk at ‘massive loophole’ in ethics rules; Senate has tighter limits on convention events“.  The article discusses how lobbying and special interests groups are supposed to a long gone idea, however, that is not the case.  The article goes on to talk about how after the democrats took control of Congress more and more parties inviting these special interests and lobbyist groups into their  domain. On the flip side, which I must say I am quite pleased to read, our Senate is attempting to restrict these sort of parties and events from taking place. I believe this is a positive step forward for our country’s political processes.

One step forward is a recent ethics law that was passed  in September “bars a member of Congress from participating in an event “honoring that member” if it’s funded by federal lobbyists or their clients. The panel that oversees ethics for the House deemed attendance at such parties acceptable as long as multiple members of Congress were being honored at the same time.” This type of law is what I believe our country needs to implement so our corporate lobbyists and their practices do not spin out of control!


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