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In an article by Thomas Sowell, published January 24, 2006, in Capitalism Magazine, he brings up a very important point in which I believe I have forgotten to mention. Corruption isn’t just taking money and bribes from any willing source, it is “whenever it is diverted from its avowed purpose and directed toward some other goal, especially goals that conflict with its purpose.” I do not believe that many of our government officials truly have their citizens’ best interests at heart. And that is not to say because they just don’t care. Once again, they are bogged down trying to bring in irate amounts of money from wherever they can get it.

The author also discusses how insanely difficult our country makes it for anyone to run for political office. He goes onto say “At the heart of much government corruption is one simple thing: Re-election. It takes big bucks to run a political campaign and all that most politicians have to sell is the power of government that they control.” He does give some advice though, and I believe it is true to some extent. He believes we, as a country, should put a limit on the number of terms a politician can run for office. I do see where he is coming from, in the sense that they may take more time to serve in public interest, but what if a politician can run for multiple terms, AND, serve in the publics’ best interests?

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