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My video obviously pertains to my blog. One issue I thought was important to highlight was the 2008 Presidential campaign, and the money spent so far. I believe that far too much money has been spent in this campaign, and contributors could have spent their well earned money on so many other important issues our country is currently facing. I decided to research the corporations who contributed the most to each candidate. It turned out that many of these corporations are heavily involved in federal legislation. Many of the corporations are involved in the financial sector. It is incredible to what extent these corporations are involved in federal legislation. The fact that they are spending millions of dollars in an attempt for favorable economic and environmental leeways. I also thought it was important to mention what our government has or is working on to deter corruption in corporate lobbying. My blog issue does not receive much media attention, but I believe if we, as citizens of the United States of America, demand our country addresses this issue, we can change the way corporations deal with our politicians.


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