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March 15, 2008, will be known as Z-day!

Now, I know that I have already discussed this on my “How To Get Involved Page”, but maybe you did not read that page. This event will be known as Z-day, the idea comes from the creators of the movie Zeitgeist. The day is to bring about” awareness and activism”. I strongly believe this would be a great way to get involved, whether it be in your own house or in a classroom where you think it could help! By clicking on the link I provided above, you can read about Zeitgeist, or even Z-day and what it entails!

Currently, there is a Presidential campaign going on. And candidates are spending millions of dollars (not to mention all of their time) investing in this campaign. Millions of dollars that could be spent so much more effectively within our country. As of March 31,2008, three Presidential candidates have spent $406, 168, 048. That is insane!

In the month of May, we will see seven state primaries. All of which corporate lobbyists will be attending and contributing monetary funds.


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