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Harry S. Truman

This is Harry S. Truman, the President when World War II ended. I decided to put this picture up, because it was after the end of World War II when both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were established. I believe these institutions play a key role in the corruption in the United States government. I am currently reading a book The Secrets of the Temple How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country by William Greider. The author discusses how institutions like the World Bank and the IMF use their monetary “donations” to get their political and economic agendas on the plate of our government officials. The author writes in the first page that I believe summarizes how our government is run today, ” In the American system, citizens were taught that the transfer of political power accompanied elections, formal events when citizens make orderly choices about who shall govern. Very few Americans, therefore, understood that the transfer of power might also occur, more subtly, without elections. Even the President did not seem to grasp this possibility, until too late. He would remain in office, surrounded still by the aura of presidential authority, but he was no longer fully in control of his government.” (p.1, Greider)

Today, we do have politicians who do detest corporate lobbyists. One politician in particular is John Edwards. He believes some of our country’s problems stem from corporate lobbying. This is a video, I believe demonstrates what politicians should be talking about

Since 1989, in depth records have been kept documenting corporate lobbying. In the last fourteen years, our country’s top one-hundred corporate lobbyists have donated slightly over $1 billion dollars. The corporations are involved in everything from the food industry, to the legal sector. The top three corporate lobbyists since 1989 are:

1. American Fedn of State, Country & Municipal Employees

2. AT&T Inc

3. Natioanl Assn of Realtors

From 1998-2007 corporate lobbying has increased immensely. Certain industries have been involved in the corporate lobbying process more than others. They feel much more strongly in wanting to have a say in our nation’s federal legislation. A lot of citizens may be surprised to see the list of top contributors:

1. Pharmaceuticals/ Health Products

2. Insurance

3. Electric Utilities

4. Computers/ Internet

5. Business Associations

6. Education

7. Real Estate

8. Oil and Gas

9. Hospitals/ Nursing Homes

10. Miscellaneous Manufacturing and Distributing

From 1998 to 2007, there have been a variety of contradictory issues plaguing our country. Some corporate lobbyists only donate to one particular issue. These issues are the reason as to why corporations lobby in Washington. The top issues for the last ten years have been:

1. Federal Budget and Appropriations

2. Taxes

3. Health Issues

4. Defense

5. Transportation

6. Trade

7. Education

8. Environmental and Superfund

9. Energy and Nuclear Power

10. Medicare and Medicaid


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