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This page is designed for people who would live to get involved in defying corruption in the United States Government. So far the best thing I have found relates to one of the links I have provided for you in my blogroll. Zeitgeist, a movie addresses many concerns pertaining to things such as 9-11, religion, and a variety of other things. I must say that I DO NOT believe everything I have watched in this movie. However, I do believe this movie highlights many important ideas and topics. This movie is accessible to watch online, and it is free!

Now, to get involved, the people who have helped to promote Zeitgeist are sponsoring what is known as Z-day. On March 15, 2008, Peter Joseph and his colleagues are determined to promote a “Day of Awareness and Activism”. You can access the website at I really hope that all of you who believe what I am writing about will at least take a second to look at this site! I really think this could start to make a difference! After all, we need to start somewhere, and better late than never!zdaypromo.jpg

The Millennium Challenge Account is another way you can get involved. It is a global network, but the United States actively participates. It was enacted in March of 2002. The website can be found on the internet

You can join a group which is known as Corruption Watch Dog. This website gives a variety of corrupt groups and organizations. But it does address the government of the United States as well.

A great organization I found dedicated to ending corruption within the United States government is Export Credit Agencies (ECA). It is not just dedicated to the corruption of the U.S., but all over the world. The website can be found at :

A organization devoted that is devoted to accounting for all of the money spent and received by our politicians is the Center for Responsive Politics. Their website can be found at This organization tracks the financial aspect of political campaigns such as the presidential and congressmen campaigns. The information is very in-depth, and very easy to understand.


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